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Integrated BIM tools for Architecture, Engineering & Construction included building design, Structural analysis, and construction


Founded in 1988, ideYAPI inc. has been devoloping software technologies for building information modeling for the architecture, structural and eartquake engineering. The company that provides services with offices in Istanbul, Bursa and Hannover (Germany), develops technologies that enable architects and structural engineers to quickly implement their idea.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

ideCAD, including integrated architectural and structural (reinforced concrete and structural steel) software, shortens the project time with the product that allows different disciplines to work under the same infrastructure, with the oppurtunity to create, review and edit the project together. While the changes made by different disciplines are revised within the same building information model, efficiency increases.

Products – Solutions

Untitled-1 ideCAD Architectural

BIM software for model-based Architectural designs, 3D visualizations, animations and documentation. Collaborate and coordinate with Structural Engineers

idecad_celik ideCAD Structural

BIM software for model-based Structural analysis designs and documentation. Collaborate and coordinate with Architects

idecad_betonarme ideCAD BİM

Collaborations and work sharing between Architects and Structural Engineers on the same proje

Architectural Solutions

Untitled-1 Terrain / Site / Landscape

Virtual drone shooting is created by enriching all blocks within the site with terrain, roads and landscaping.

Untitled-1 Facade Design

The free-form curtain wall, jamb, french balcony, fuga, lap siding and terracotta coating is being modeled with a few clicks.

Untitled-1 Interior Architecture

You make a difference by your interior architectural projects with eye-catching visuals and animations you will present.

Untitled-1 Plans / Sections / Views

Automatically update floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D views.

Untitled-1 Quantities and Bill Reports

Quantities and bill reports that are automatically generated from build information model are dynamically renewed with every editing.

Untitled-1 Object Library

Rich libraries that are from the furnishing to landscape bring life to the designs. 

Architectural and Structural Cooperation Solutions

Untitled-1 Modelable Structures

Multi-storey reinforced concrete / steel / composite structures, industrial structures, tunnel formwork systems, ribbed and waffle systems are modeled.

Untitled-1 Visualization

Explore, validate, and communicate designs. Render more quickly and accurately with ideCAD rendering engine.

Untitled-1 Interoperability and IFC

In addition to sharing the building information model with other BIM compatible software with the help of IFC, data is exchanged with PDF, DWG DXF, DWF, OBJ, BMP, JPG, TIF, TIFF, PNG and TGA formats.

Untitled-1 3D Parametric Components

Add architectural and structural elements to the building model, including column, beam , slab , walls, doors, windows, and components.

Untitled-1 Collabrations of Architectural and Structural Model

ideCAD provides full automation in architectural and structural modelling.

Untitled-1 Modeling Tools

With ideCAD, which includes the tools used in CAD programs as well as advanced 3D modeling tools, all drawings are prepared and printed directly, without forcing legal limits and needing another software.

Structural Solutions

Untitled-1 Automatic Mesh suitable for FEM

Shearwalls, polygon shearwalls, beam-and-slabs, flat slabs, raft foundation, stairs, ramps, domes / vaults  meshes of folded shell elements are created automatically. In-plane bending, shear and axial effects of the shell elements are taken into account with the acceptance of the elastic diaphragm (semi-rigid diaphragm).

Untitled-1 High Level Analysis Options

Finite element library developed by using out of core parallel solution technology with 64-bit programming technique ... With the automatic network generation technique, all the beam and shell elements and also foundations are added to the global stiffness matrix and the solution is made.

Untitled-1 Visualization of Analysis and Design

Project data is analyzed visually in detail and revisions are easily followed by visual inquiry. Loads, analytical models, supports, modes, displacements, forces, reinforced concrete and steel design results, element deficiencies, reinforcements and regulation controls are visually examined.

Untitled-1 Reinforced Concrete Design

Design is made in accordance with International Reinforced concrete material models.

Untitled-1 Steel Design

According to AISC, EC,  and International codes, geometric controls and strength controls of purlin, column, beam, castellated beam, composite beam, crane beam and braces are provided.

Untitled-1 Steel Connection Design

Shear and moment connections are designed and reported in accordance with AISC 360-16. Also, constructive joints can be used.

Untitled-1 Structural Steel Macros

Truss, steel secondary beam, steel purlin, crane, hall, space truss, space purlin, R purlin and scaffold macros speed up data entry and your design.

Untitled-1 Foundations

It can be designed raft foundation, pile foundations, continuous foundations, individual foundations and coupling beams and also  superstructure – foundation interaction can be used

Untitled-1 R.C. and Steel Details

Plan / Section / Views, Details / Expansions, Reinforcement Drawings, 3D drawings, General Construction Drawings, Connection Details, Truss Drawings, Scaffold Drawings, Layout Design

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