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ideCAD® Architectural is developed for project design of all sizes, is a powerful software that will meet all architectural requirements, such as architectural drawings, rendering and animation. ideCAD® Architectural also allows you to easily prepare architectural detail sheets with its superior two-dimensional drawing features. Providing a platform for working with civil engineers, it shortens the design process and increases efficiency through information communication and sharing.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Architectural, Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structure Design

ideCAD® Structural "Integrated Information System" is a common platfrom that is used to create architectural, reinforced concrete and steel structure projects.

Architectural and Structural Integration

It is a system that allows architects and engineers to work together on the same platform, by creating the project once "Full Integration" between architects and engineers is established. 

Data exchange with other programs

The program allows reading and saving of projects that is 100% compatible DWG format with AutoCAD® and can be used as a base by importing 2D architectural drawings. Data can be exchanged in DXF, DWF, OBJ, BMP, JPG, TIF, TIFF, PNG and TGA formats. 

From Desing to Presentation

For preliminary projects, proposals, automatic cross-section and views, permit projects, details, quantities and bill reports, decoration, landscape design, and visualization is in to the one program.


Preparing Construction Permit Project

Ready-to-print license sheets with automatically generated cross-sections views..

Using 2D drawing tools details and manufacturing drawings can be prepared.


Modelable Structures

Reinforced concrete and steel composite multi-storey structures, hall type and inter-storey industrial structures, canopy structures, stadiums and similar structures, multi-storey reinforced concrete structures with steel overlay roof, the lower floors of reinforced concrete, subsequent steel structures can be modeled.

Reinforced Concrete Systems
Using ideCAD® Architectural, plan and formwork plan can be prepared in the same project with two different working platform and it is compatible.


Steel Systems
Using steel profiles from library, you are able to create steel structure projects and visualize it.

Reinforced Concrete and Steel Composite Structures
Get more modern projects by incorporating reinforced concrete and steel structure into the architectural process!

Terrain, Site and Landscape Design
Terrain Modeling
With coordinates of sketch or contour lines you can model your terrain. On the terrain gaps, pavements,flatness, roads, pools, and building can easily built. Terrain measurements and any elevation can be checked.

Excavation Analysis
Cut and fill volumes are automatically added to the list.

Facade Design
Jamb Design
Doors and windows can be drawn by profiles and jamb design is automatically drawn from jamb object tool.

Railing Design
In addition to the railing object in library, user can also define special additional railings..

Curtain Wall Design
Curtain Wall can be drawing by lines, arc, and spline commands.

Frontage Covering
All frontage parts can be modeling with weather boarding, fuga, and terracotta sheetings only with one step.

Object Library

ideCAD® Architectural has a lot of tools from furnishing to the landscape in its library. In the software it is possible to create your own design or import from other libraries.

Inclined Libraries

Objects that automatically detect the elevation and angle of the floor are placed in accordance with the surface slope.

Free Modeling
Using flexible modeling options from library and  it is possible to add other structural elements to the your projects..
Geometrical Objects Library
Sphere, box, prismatic, cone, tube, torus and loft objects..

Extended/Rotated Objects
Possibility to design different architectural objects by using special cross sections...

Decoration Works
Using hundreds of objects in libraries and free modeling possibilities, you can easily create your decoration with ideCAD.
You can follow the model from beginning to end in 3D and you will make a difference in your indoor projects with high quality visuals and animations.

Story Plans with Furnishing
You can take a cross-section and perspective views from anywhere of story.

3D Texting

With 3D text command, 2D text that you will write in the plan is it becoming 3D by giving a thickness. Angle and elevation parameters can be entered and horizontally, vertically or angled planes can be obtained. 


ideCAD® Architecture brings the quality of visualization and your designs becomes back to life with photo-quality rendering and animations.


Using the latest software technologies, you can navigate your project with the opportunity of animation designed according to today's needs and prepare photo-realistic presentations.

Cross section and View sheets
You need to only draw story plan in order to have multiple cross-section views of structure.

Technical cross sections and views
Automatic sections is prepared in details according to the project control form.
(Axle, plastered and metered display)
Appearances in Presentation Technique
Presentation techniques for brochure, portfolio, and webpage.

Quantities and Bill Reports
From architectural modeling the quantity and bill reports is prepared automatically. Door and window gaps of the wall is automatically substracted on the calculation of quantity and bill reports. Any changes on the project is uptaded immediately to the quantity and bill reports.

Model Presentation with 3D Printer
Your ideCAD models are exported as three-dimensional data that 3d printers can read.

Software Technology
ideCAD professional software team made able to work with more than one software at the same time with 64 bit software, and with advanced software techniques to detect object allows to create your projects fast modeling and visualization.

Easy to Learn and Fast Adaptation
English background of program is useful and easy to understand. Educational videos, webinars, technical support, forum and education is free of charge which will allows you to create your projects into the reality.

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