ideYAPI / ideCAD

Move forward with the power of teamwork!

The IDS (Integrated Design System) eliminates the hassle of paperwork and ensures full compatibility between ideCAD® Architecture and ideCAD Structural. Thus, architects and engineers collaborate on the same platform. Both parties make drawings or calculations of their own discipline and all information is collected in a common file. With the common database, changes made in one place are automatically reflected to other places, so there is no inconsistency between the projects, the loss of time and the risk of errors are minimized.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

IdeCAD® Structural, which includes a fully integration of architecture, reinforced concrete and steel, shortens the projecting time by creating, reviewing and editing the projects together within the same platform.

Architectural, Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structure Design

With ideCAD® Structural, concrete and steel composite multi-storey buildings, hall type and intermediate-storey industrial buildings, canopy structures, stadiums and similar structures, multi-storey reinforced concrete structures with steel roof, the lower floors of reinforced concrete upper floors of steel structures can be modeled.

"Integrated Information System" is a common platfrom that is used to create architectural, reinforced concrete and steel structure projects. It is a system that allows architects and engineers to work together on the same platform, by creating the project once "Full Integration" between architects and engineers is established. 

Architectural and Structural Integration

There is no need to re-enter data for reinforced concrete calculations of the projects that was prepared with ideCAD® Architectural. Because the structure is the same structure in both architectural and static cases such as, walls, columns, beams, foundations, stairs, flooring are common in both systems. In addition, the properties of objects such as width, height, height, material are the same. In this way, the engineer receives a project consisting of elements whose parameters are completely determined by the architect at the end of the design work. The ability to define wall and floor loads in the architectural project phase enables the project to start without any lack of the knowledge and shortens the time, in which static calculation process can start.

Data exchange with other programs

The program allows reading and saving of projects that is 100% compatible DWG format with AutoCAD® and can be used as a base by importing 2D architectural drawings. Data can be exchanged in DXF, DWF, OBJ, BMP, JPG, TIF, TIFF, PNG and TGA formats.

By transferring data to SAP2000®, ideCAD allows comparison of the structural analysis results. Projects can also be transferred to Tekla.

ideCAD® Wrep

IdeCAD® Wrep, which enables the review of projects prepared with ideCAD products, the preparation of 2D editing and detail drawings and drawing from the plotter, enables engineers and architects to present their projects to their customers. Customers can easily review and share their ideas with ideCAD® Wrep without the need to purchase the program. IdeCAD® Wrep, which has 2d drawing possibilities of ideCAD products, is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded free of charge from the internet.

IdeCAD® Wrep also has drawing tools that is same as other line-oriented CAD programs, so you can draw from scratch or start to draw from beginning. By using these tools, you can create your detail and manufacturing drawings in a single program without having to work with traditional programs. ideCAD® Architectural projects can be opened also with ideCAD® Wrep, you can take sections and views, make detailing and make them ready for output.